Snow Hill in the Age of Covid-19

Wow, that sounds apocalyptic! It has been just over 100 years since the world experienced a pandemic. The Spanish Flu is dated to 1918. There have been a number of epidemics but nothing on a worldwide scale such as we have seen with the novel coronavirus since that time.

Today we are afforded a number of technologies that may help us in the period of social distancing, shelter in place and quarantines to lessen the effects of isolation. Here at Snow Hill we are working to provide an abbreviated Livestream service, short daily devotional audio and/or visual, online live/recorded Bible Study for all ages, a daily online ministry time, and more as our imaginations are enlivened by the collective ideas of churches across the Country.

Some of you will have needs. We will continue to work to address local crisis needs as always. We have re-worked our Food Pantry to a Drive-Thru format to reduce risk. We will utilize this method of delivery until the experts notify us things have changed for the better. That does mean that our regular Clothes Closet may be postponed until we are able to find a means to distribute those goods. Our Monthly Community Meal will be suspended until the recommendations for the size of gathering allows for it. Our Free Clinic availability will be posted on our Facebook Page, our Instagram account, and in a blog post on this website in the days leading up to the first Wednesday of every month. We will work diligently to ensure our regular patients are cared for with a modified delivery system.

You may find a link on our Homepage to our YouTube Livestream. Our current plan is to produce these at our building live and the recordings will be maintained on our Snow Hill TV YouTube channel. Should we need to stream these from another location under the advisement of health experts, we will make those accommodations.

We will be praying for you. If you have a specific prayer request email Pastor Todd:



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