Occasional Reflections on Advent: They Stayed In Their Location

Occasional Reflections on Advent Over the next few weeks, specifically until Christmas, Pastor Todd will be offering devotional reflections for the Season of Advent. They will be occasional as in stirred by the occasion of his own devotional reading, and Avent sermon he has read or even a notion from his current Advent reading, Star[…]

Chili Cook Off and Trunk or Treat

  It’s Chili! Just in time for a series of cold fronts and cold rain.  After we have sampled and shared our favorite pots of chili, we will provide an opportunity for children in our Community to Trunk-or-Treat. What to do: Bring a pot of your best Chili and Plenty of Candy Where: We will[…]

Holy Week Reflections

What Is a Holy Week? One of my friends asked what Snow Hill does for Holy Week, “Or, do you just call it Sunday?” Unless you grew up in a Christian Church Tradition that observed Holy Week, it is likely that you will see the reference and wonder, “What’s the big deal?” No event happens in a vacuum. That[…]

Ash Wednesday Opportunities

We were once asked, more than fifteen years ago, “What is a Baptist church doing observing the Season of Lent?”  All these years later, Snow Hill is just one among many Baptist churches that found the Christian Season of Lent a healthy way to prepare for Easter. Tomorrow we will offer opportunities for reflection on[…]


We are bringing breakfast back! That’s right, Men’s Breakfast. We have a date – Saturday, February 23, 2019. That is THIS week! We have the time – 8:00 a.m. And, we have food and cooks! We are sure there are some folks you have seen across the room on Sunday morning. Maybe putting up chairs[…]

Kick the Tires!

Growing up with uncles in the automobile business I learned the many ways people referred to when looking for a new car. Not too many people literally kicked the tires. I would watch curious faces from the Showroom floor windows. What does the car look like on the inside? What kind of upholstery covered the[…]