Update from the Massons – Test Time

We received the following email from Jonathan and Kari. It is test time for Jonathan. Here is his schedule. Pray for each of these events.

Exams are here again, a bit earlier than last year. I like ending the school year earlier, even if it means starting class in mid-Sept rather than around 01 Oct. Thank you very much in advance for your prayers. I appreciate and need them. Today has been a great study day, I'm happy to conclude. I'm taking it one week (see below schedule) at a time.


PS – w/ a schedule like this, I need a split personality! 'Jonathan' will be taking all of the exams, however, as they're completely in French 🙂

Mon, 18 May 5:30-6:30  oral/practical, 6 Techniques in clinical scenario (cranial, structural, functional, visceral, vertebral skeleton/articulations, peripheral skeleton/articulations); cumulative from last 5 years (NB; this is the big exam I did not pass last year)

Mon, 25 May 8:30-9:30 written multiple-choice; Urology-Nephrology (kidneys)
Mon, 25 May 9:45-10:45 written essay and case studies; Endocrinology and pathology

Tues, 26 May 9:45-10:45 written essay; Pediatrics
Tues, 26 May 11:00-12:00 Statistics and general principles for the thesis

Thur, 28 May 8-12:30 no tests, but working as therapist in the school clinic

Fri, 29 May 8:30-9:30 written multiple-choice; Neurology- central and peripheral nervous systems, their anatomy and physiology, general neurological pathologies in children and adults; cumulative from last 5 years

Mon, 08 June 10-20 page 'Pre-Thesis' due to my tutor

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