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Before the Gutenberg Press, Bibles were scarce. It may not have been too different than getting a single letter from the Apostle Paul and getting together and hearing it read. Lively discussions as to how to understand both the text and how its meaning shows up in life were very much apart of being devoted to the Apostle’s teaching. 

What if we decided to read the Scriptures together? Every week we encourage this practice by posting in the bulletin the Scriptures for the upcoming Sunday. We also post these online and often push them to you via the Snow Hill App. The swift currents of life today make it impractical to stop, drive to a common location, and sit and listen to the reading of the Scriptures each day. But, since the printing press created the possibility for us to each have a copy of the Bible, we could easily encourage each other to read the same thing each day and offer thoughts and questions at a common location, maybe online.

Would you consider taking the 40 Day Challenge? If you use a Bible app on your phone or tablet, get the free YouVersion Bible app. Go to “Plans” and look for the 40 Day Challenge New Testament Challenge. The Plan takes us through the New Testament in 40 days. If we begin October 1, today, then we should finish up about the time we come to the end of this Christian Seasons Year (A) and as we begin the next (Year B). 

For those who do not use a Bible app on an electronic device, we will post the schedule on the Snow Hill Website each day. We will remind you via the Snow Hill app, if you happen to have it. We will post to the Snow Hill Facebook Page. Let’s see how many we can get to take the 40 Day Challenge.

Reading for October 1 – Matthew 1-7

If you have thoughts or questions, leave a comment on this post.

We will post the readings for each day here at www.snowhill.org.

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