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From Pastor Todd’s Weekly Email . . .

I mentioned Sunday that the story of King David troubles me. After the illustration of grace in 2 Samuel 9 everything goes downhill, and fast. As you prepare for worship on Sunday let me ask you to read 2 Samuel 13-18. Why?

We left King David hearing the words of Nathan the Prophet. Many things happen by the time you get to our reading for this Sunday. Not the least of which are several stories that clearly demonstrate how we walk with the Lord directly influences our family and those around us. Even Mephibosheth turns on David!

Lay those chapters alongside Ephesians 4, beginning at verse 25, and see what observations you would make in light of the story of David. How would the story of David function in relationship to the Apostle Paul’s words to the Christians at Ephesus?

One interesting piece of trivia – that may not be trivia. The Ammonites were the tribe David and Israel battled when the story of David spirals out of control. Over time the capital city of the Ammonites eventual became the City of Philadelphia according to the Holman Bible Dictionary.

Email me your thoughts.

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