The Shape of Wednesdays to Come

Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle? You held a picture in your mind of what it would be like sans training wheels to ride down your street without falling off. Working toward that picture likely proved more difficult than anticipated. Trusting yourself. Learning how fast you could comfortably pedal. Desperate to be sure you could stop with the break rather than the wall, curb or car. Once you mastered the ride you now lived out the picture you once held in your mind.

"The Shape of Wednesdays to Come" describes a picture held in our hands. Dreams and visions will combine to create a place to "be Church" blessing our community. This Sunday evening we will begin considering the picture the Spirit of God continues to paint in the life of Snow Hill.

Jeff readied us for the upcoming Book Fair connected to the creation of our Children’s Reading Room. Jamie and Kasey placed a box for food and hygiene items in the Foyer to stock our Food Pantry. Bill is building clothes racks for our Clothes Closet. Jeanene and Ginny plan to help sort clothes. Mark will be unveiling details for our After School Programs. Our Kitchen Team continues to consider what it will mean to move our Wednesday meals to more of a "Community Meal."

How would the Spirit of God be leading you? What place would you sense the need to give time and energy to? Is there another dream or vision growing  within you? Come beginning this Sunday as we explore the picture, plan for blessing our community and working toward "The Shape of Wednesdays to Come."

Jesus invites people into his life and his way. He takes what is and points to the new way of the Kingdom of God.  Come see what this journey is all about!

One way to think about the mission of Jesus - He calls into question the way things are and points to the way things may be in the Kingdom of God. 

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