Scriptures for the Week – Advent Begins

"Don't shoot the messenger!" Being the bearer of bad news is one thing but what of the bearer of good news? Our Scriptures this week are marked with the announcement of good news. One remarkable note in the Scriptures for the week, which you will find in the right sidebar, is a Dad gets excited about the promise of God when his son is born.

Another way of putting it is this, the one whom Zechariah exclaims will bring salvation to Israel is not his son who is just born. How many of you parents out there would get excited about someone not yet born as you are welcoming your own child into the world? Only if you had hoped for a long time the people with whom you share heritage and faith will be gifted with the fulfilled promise.

Zechariah is not less excited about his own son's birth, but what his son will do in announcing the Good News of God presses him to be hope-full all the more as he looks toward the accomplishment of God's good promise to the world.

What are your thoughts?

Jesus invites people into his life and his way. He takes what is and points to the new way of the Kingdom of God.  Come see what this journey is all about!

One way to think about the mission of Jesus - He calls into question the way things are and points to the way things may be in the Kingdom of God. 

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