Reading Suggestions for the New Year

We always think it is good to read the Bible through. Reading the entire Bible is one way to keep from honing in on one author, one book, one section which often creates a skewed view of the Story Of God. For the past few years we have made available for purchase copies of The Books of the Bible. The books of the Bible are ordered chronologically. We have some copies available should you want to use this edition to read through the Scriptures this year.

Another suggestion is to read the Gospel of Mark – several times. This year Mark is the featured Gospel as we follow the Christian Seasons Calendar. Mark is often dismissed as not as interesting as Matthew and Luke. Recent scholarship challenges this notion and suggests, among other things, that Mark may well be ancient biography. (Ben Witherinton III) Be careful not to impose expectations generated from reading modern biographies. The function and style are distinct and different.

Sunday evenings our adults will continue with some questions raised during the summer. But, we will do so through a reading and exploration of Ecclesiastes. Take some time to read from different translations. As you are able, read the entire book in one setting.

Along the way there may be some other suggestions, but these are good places to think about as we share the Scriptures as a community of faith this coming year.

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