Overlapping and Looking Forward


Sunday begins the Season of Advent. We think through its importance by reflecting on the anticipation of Israel for her Messiah. What were the conditions in the world? What was the climate of their hearts? What discouragements did they face? Were there any silver linings?

Christians reflect on these questions and more as they anticipate the fulfillment of the coming of Jesus in the Return. Overlap describes that some refer to as the already aspects of living in the world in the Way of Jesus while at the same time longing for the newness promised to finally become a reality. This helps us look forward.

Looking forward means more than wondering what day that will be. Remember, Jesus told his followers they would not know the time nor the date. Looking forward includes looking for the next moment when our decisions will be characterized by our hopes for the day when peace not war will be ushered in on That Day. Looking forward reminds us that our relationships matter so that we may want to be sure our words are sprinkled with grace for That Day will be grace-filled.

Consider reading the Scriptures for each Sunday of Advent with us. The First Sunday in Advent is this coming Sunday. Read and reflect on these Scriptures –

Isaiah 2:1-5 * Romans 13:11-14 * Matthew 24:36-44 * Psalm 122

We will look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Jesus invites people into his life and his way. He takes what is and points to the new way of the Kingdom of God.  Come see what this journey is all about!

One way to think about the mission of Jesus - He calls into question the way things are and points to the way things may be in the Kingdom of God. 

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