H2O Project – Give Clean Water this Lent Season

The season of Lent begins in a couple of weeks as we look forward to Resurrection Sunday. The celebration of Lent brings with it a contemplation on sacrifice as well as the practice of sacrifice. Living Water International takes this idea and combines it with their mission of bringing clean water to the over 800 million people who do not have access to it. LWI developed their H2O Project as a way for people to drink water to give water. The practice is to only drink water during the season of Lent, and the money that would have been used to purchase soda, coffee, tea, juice, etc. be given to LWI’s fund to build clean water wells around the world.

Last year our youth lead out in participating in the H2O Project here at Snow Hill as they spent the year raising money to build a water well in Guatemala. Maybe this year you would like to join in the movement of drinking water to give water. Consider giving up in order to give this Lent season as we reflect and participate in the hope and healing the Kingdom of God brings.

For more info you can contact Brad through email or call the church office.

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