Great Week!

Last evening brought the 2011 version of Snow Hill VBS to a close. Rusty, Kaitlyn, and Sayra worked with the children all week to put together a collection of the songs that communicated the stories and themes of the week. Our teachers for each group helped too.

Jeff & Co. were likely the hit of the week, if only by a slim margin. Recreation and refreshments run a close 1 and 2 or 2 and 1. LaRae & Co. provided a meal for workers and snacks for the week. Outstanding! Tom and Co. ensured the son cones were always on the ready.

Our “Craft Crews” provided the older and younger children with plenty of artistic opportunities to express their learning through the week. Our “Teaching Team” carried the theme through Scripture stories. Miss Debbie reminded the children of the wide opportunities everywhere to talk about Jesus while helping with the needs of life. Brad on video and JB on sound kept our Worship Rallies moving.

Our “Welcome Team” registered each child and helped them know where their class met. They kept count so the right number of refreshments would be served for each class. And, in the all important “giving contest” this Team kept track of the pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and whether the boys or girls helped Project Senegal to win. And, in the end they all won because gifts nearing or exceeding $1000 will go to help young people in Senegal.

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