Google Searching Jesus

From Pastor Todd’s Weekly E-mail . . . 

The Consumer Electronics Show is taking place this week. I read an article that suggested Google would be a major player in the ongoing technological wizardry people crave. Not bad for a company whose original game was to help people search the Internet and its interwebs. Looking for a recipe, destination, doctor, article, or literally any other item of fact or fiction, Google helps.

One way items are searched on the Internet is to compare what is requested with what is available. Once some matches are found a page turns up with possibilities. You look through the results and refine your search by eliminating those pieces of information that come up that do not fit that for which you look. The word for “find” in John 1 (our passage for this coming Sunday) is the Greek word behind the English word “heuristic.” Not just a few disciplines make use of this word since “finding” is at the heart of psychology, philosophy, law, engineering, computer science, and mass communication.

John uses this word for find to refer to Jesus finding Philip and Philip finding Nathaniel. Searching. Note especially Philip’s words to Nathaniel – “we have found him about whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote.” The message gives evidence that Philip, among others since he says “we,” has been on a search. He has compared plenty of others to the description he has read in Moses and the Prophets. Each time their hopes had risen they fell short because what they had seen and heard failed to compare consistently with what they read. You may want to think about Jesus’ answer to the question Nathaniel poses, “Where did you come to know me?”

An interesting thought came to mind. Jesus found people. People found Jesus. Seems everyone in the story is looking. The question that may get you to thinking before Sunday is, “What were the looking for?”

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