Ecclesiastes – Winter Bible Study

Perhaps. I was listening to a conference talk and the speaker suggested one of the most perplexing words of faith is perhaps. We fear perhaps because we prefer to be sure, certain. Perhaps indicates a timid confidence. Perhaps suggests we are still thinking, working, considering – or as an old deacon friend from Texas used to say, cogitating. Sunday evening we will begin a Winter Bible Study series through the book, or long reflection, of Ecclesiastes. Derek Kidner wrote about how Wisdom Literature functions in the Scriptures. He wrote,

Where the bulk of the Old Testament calls us simply to obey and to believe, this part of it (chiefly the books we have mentioned [Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes], although wisdom is a thread that runs through every part) summons us to think hard as well as humbly; to keep our eyes open, to use our conscience and our common sense, and not to shirk the most disturbing questions.

Simply as a form of teaching, this has something special for us. The lecture or the sermon, with its one-way flow, can make its points tidily and at leisure; but a lesson that draws the hearers into answering and asking, into working things out painfully, may well get further into the mind than any discourse, even if at times it deliberately leaves many questions unresolved. (The Wisdom of Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes: An Introduction to Wisdom Literature, p.11-12)

Make plans to join us Sunday evenings this Winter. We will certainly continue to consider some of the questions raised during our Summer Sunday Evening series. Interestingly, they find their place in Ecclesiastes too.

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