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Sundays Are for Formation

Many influences combine to form us into the people we are. Convinced the story of God in Jesus intersects our lives in ways that altar our own stories we believe intentionality to be a part of what it means to follow Jesus. The Apostle Paul on a number of occasions used the metaphor of “putting on” as in clothes for living out what it means to be new creation in Christ. Jesus challenged would-be followers to “count the cost” and “take up one’s cross” when following after Him. Following Jesus is not an accidental experience. God’s grace and mercy become the avenues through which we are called into a new way of life. Our journeys are both individual and communal.

Snow Hill offers intentional means to experience spiritual formation both individually and communally. Weekly small group Bible Study that includes sharing life’s events and experiences oriented around the story of God in the Scriptures. Gathering for corporate worship around the shared reading of the Scriptures, music, preaching and Lord’s Supper/Communion (monthly) following the Christian Seasons form us together to carry out the mission of God in and to the world.

Sunday evenings offer a variety of opportunities to continue to be formed into the image of Jesus as we share time and fellowship together.

Wednesdays are for Others

September 2007 marked the beginning of “Wednesday’s Are for Others” at Snow Hill. A number of streams contributed to this move not the least of which was a series of people convinced they should join God in His mission to the world. Connecting the Good News of Jesus with the needs of people in our community sparked both the imagination and energies of those interested in offering an evening of serving our community.

Currently we offer –

An After-school Homework Assistance Program

Community Meal

Food Closet

Clothes Pantry

Children’s Reading Room

 Community of Hope
The Community of Hope Free Medical Clinic launched on Wednesday, June
10. Our hope was to fill six appointment slots to give us a sense of
how things would work, how well we had prepared, and discuss any needed
adjustments in a debrief. We saw seven patients helping them on to
address their physical needs. We are excited about the future of this
opportunity to bless those around us and invest in our community in the
name of Jesus. The clinic will be open every four weeks. As more
volunteer doctors and/or nurse practitioners become available we will
expand our offerings.

Future connections in our community –

Expanded After School Program

Recovery Programs

Youth Ministry

Snow Hill Youth Ministry is a part of the greater ministry of Snow Hill Baptist Church. As a youth ministry our goal is to engage as a church in the lives of teenagers in a way that reaches them in their culture and assists them in growing deeper in their relationship with Christ. We do this by creating opportunities for growth through relationships and relevant teaching which prompts a life that reflects the love of Jesus Christ.  Our youth ministry is Jesus centered, collaborative and cooperative. We collectively and individually commit to invest in the lives of our teenagers.

Check out the Youth Page – Click here


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Jesus invites people into his life and his way. He takes what is and points to the new way of the Kingdom of God.  Come see what this journey is all about!

One way to think about the mission of Jesus - He calls into question the way things are and points to the way things may be in the Kingdom of God. 

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