Broken 11

“Merciful God, search my heart thoroughly. How shamefully I beg for the comforts of this world. How relentlessly I yearn after money and things. I long to look a certain way in accordance with what I see. In so many ways, I have been a slave to this media-driven world. Show me how to be different. Show me how to recognize the images of my culture as lies. Forgive me my lust and my transgressions against you. Amen.”

How do you find comfort in Christ and not in selfish desires?

Jesus invites people into his life and his way. He takes what is and points to the new way of the Kingdom of God.  Come see what this journey is all about!

One way to think about the mission of Jesus - He calls into question the way things are and points to the way things may be in the Kingdom of God. 

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