An Age Old Lesson – Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Nathan is off on a much deserved vacation. He leaves behind his imprint on one of the means Snow Hill takes up to demonstrate the Good News. We will open up our doors for our Food Pantry this evening. It may be the week our Clothes Closet it open. Our free medical clinic, Community of Hope, will begin seeing patients who have made appointments at 7:00 p.m.

Today Nathan posted an article on his Facebook. He is generally too busy to do so. But, this one struck him as it does the rest of us who handle food, prep boxes and welcome our friends each week. Here is a clip that reminds us that we should never forget the age old lesson, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,”

That’s the funny thing about being poor. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone feels entitled to share. That was especially true about my husband’s Mercedes. Over and over again, people asked why we kept that car, offering to sell it in their yards or on the Internet for us.

“You can’t be that bad off,” a distant relative said, after inviting himself over for lunch. “You still got that baby in all its glory.”

Sometimes, it was more direct. All from a place of love, of course. “Sell the Mercedes,” a friend said to me. “He doesn’t get to keep his toys now.”

But it wasn’t a toy — it was paid off. My husband bought that car in full long before we met. Were we supposed to trade it in for a crappier car we’d have to make payments on? Only to have that less reliable car break down on us?

And even if we had wanted to do that, here’s what people don’t understand: The reality of poverty can spring quickly while the psychological effects take longer to surface. When you lose a job, your first thought isn’t, “Oh my God, I’m poor. I’d better sell all my nice stuff!” It’s “I need another job. Now.” When you’re scrambling, you hang on to the things that work, that bring you some comfort. That Mercedes was the one reliable, trustworthy thing in our lives.

You may read the entire article here.

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