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Snow Hill Baptist Church enjoys a heritage of visionaries. George Snow, a Baptist Minister, represents the earliest thread in the history of snow Hill. The church grew out of gatherings held on land belonging to Snow three miles south and one-quarter mile west from the present location. The building served as a community center, school and meeting house for churches of different denominations. State law forced the Snow Hill School to consolidate with other small schools and the Bridge Creek School was build. The Snow Hill building sold and the church disbanded.

In 1938 Mrs. Ethel Davis moved into the community. She had Baptist roots and could not locate a "Baptist work" in the area. She opened her  home for Sunday School. A one room building constructed in 1940 served as a meeting place. Regular worship services and Sunday School classes continued until 1942. Ethel and her family moved. Regular worship services ceased.

For several years the First Baptist Church of Newcastle would work in the Snow Hill Community. Brush arbor revival  meetings were held. People came to trust Jesus. However, many of those who came to follow Jesus during this time did not travel to Newcastle or Tuttle for Bible Study and worship.

In 1952 Lottie Henning felt led by the Spirit of God to begin a work in the Snow Hill Community. In fact a number of godly women labored to see Sunday School offered to children in the community. A one  room community building served as the meeting place for Sunday School  and worship services. Men from First Baptist Church, Newcastle, preached the Sunday services. In March of 1955 Luke Baker deeded  one acre of land to the First Baptist Church, Newcastle for a place to build a church building. A new block building constructed in 1955 served as the home meeting place for the church. On June 26, 1955 Snow Hill Baptist Church organized  with 44 members and Reverend John Quickle served as pastor.

Since those days the Spirit of God continued to build on the vision given those early leaders. Snow Hill now owns nearly 25 acres around that original acre deeded by Mr. Baker. The original block building
still stands. The first addition came in 1972 – a new auditorium – built adjacent the  north wall of the original building. Education space was built in 1977 along the south wall of the original building. The church remodeled its original auditorium in 1996 and began using the space for both Bible Study and worship services. Children, long the object  of loving investment,  spurred the addition of more education space in 1998. In 2000 the church added land for parking needs. Multiple worship services, bible study times resulted from a growing community finding a place to worship and follow Jesus. In 2002 the  people of Snow Hill agreed to buy  land adjacent the current five acres added over the years. Desiring to worship together, Snow Hill built a multi-purpose building and moved in in the summer of 2004. Reconfiguring the use of space  is a regular occurrence. The original block building still serves as a gathering place for young people.

Space is viewed as pragmatic by the people of Snow Hill. Our facilities are often used by groups in our community. Our local schools, local city government, local chamber of commerce and several little league basketball teams among other groups find our space helpful for a variety of needs. Investing in our community is important.

Expressing the love of God and exposing others to the realities of the Kingdom of God motivate the people of Snow Hill. Rather than add "programs" to address needs, our people follow the lead of the Spirit and live into the dreams given through community relationships. Later this fall (2007) we will provide after-school tutoring, a children’s reading room, food pantry, clothes closet, community meal and a monthly free medical clinic and more as the Spirit of God continues the work begun at Pentecost – giving dreams and visions of the reality of the Kingdom of God.

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Jesus invites people into his life and his way. He takes what is and points to the new way of the Kingdom of God.  Come see what this journey is all about!

One way to think about the mission of Jesus - He calls into question the way things are and points to the way things may be in the Kingdom of God. 

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